Thursday, August 1, 2019

Greetings & Salutations!

I'm back!  Yes, it's true...I've returned to the world of blogging.  I will say this will be a kinder, gentler version of my previous blog, but it'll still be fairly uncensored :)  I just won't be as obvious in my tirades as before...haha!!

No, seriously - this is intended to be a place where I can share info about spices and post recipes; give ya'll a peek into my life and of course, Conversations with Paige.

I love food and I absolutely love to cook - it is definitely a way for me to chill out and make sure my family enjoys a delicious meal  And, in my opinion, nothing makes a great meal better than a fantastic glass of wine!  Or a bottle...but hey, that doesn't make me (or you!) a bad person.  I love discovering new recipes and new wines.  Right now my home cooking obsession revolves around my Instant Pots (two and counting...I'm about to confiscate the one my mom is neglecting) and making Pho and Ramen (no, not Top Ramen - that's Paige's department!).

Cooking is also an avenue for creating new chili powder blends and seasoning mixes for Mild Bill's.  My friends and family are my go to guinea pigs when it comes to giving me feedback on new products before I add them to the website.  Making a pot of chili is a great way to play with new ground chili peppers or try the hot version of a pepper when I've always used mild; or trying out the powdered version of a fresh ingredient.  Be sure to follow me for lots of chili and spice info.

I'm looking forward to putting my blogging hat back on and engaging with friends and customers about chili, spices and life in general!  Please be patient with me as I get my blog up and running over the next few weeks.  Have a Spicy Day!

Spreading my own brand of kindness and joy!
P.S. ~ Rabbit, Rabbit!

~ The Spice Queen

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